Monday, March 9, 2015

Another great source of OCT information

I happened to run into Al LePage in a Eugene, Oregon, post office last week--it seems we are going to be neighbors! Al runs the National Coast Trail Association and is in the process of moving his home and office from Portland to Eugene. Al probably knows more about the Oregon Coast Trail than any living human and is deeply engaged in expanding it and improving it.

More to the point for 2015 OCT through-hikers, his website,, has some good information including--NEWS FLASH--details about arranging rides across Tillamook Bay and the Umpqua River. Visit his Plan Your Hike page ( for details. Now if we can only get someone to start offering a ferry service across Coos Bay!

It's worth perusing Al's site for updates before you set out on a thru-hike on the OCT.

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