Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ultimate Oregon Coast Trail campground list

Cyclist with all his stuff at Bullards Beach State Park hiker-biker camp

Here it is: I finally compiled what I think is a comprehensive list of established campsites on the Oregon Coast Trail, along with some glaring gaps noted. I hope this is helpful (you won't find this level of detail in my Day Hiking: Oregon Coast. Sorry.)

Download campground list
Updated 5-9-19

A few notes:

Most nights you can camp at developed campgrounds just off the beach that have hiker-biker campsites (shared with other hikers and cyclists, no reservations needed and always have room, showers included, typically $8 or $9 in 2019).

You can camp at other public campgrounds that do not have hiker-biker camps (county or US Forest Service), but those may be more expensive and may not have an available campsite. No showers at USFS campgrounds.

You can camp on the beach except adjacent to city limits or state parks (Google the city or park name to see the boundaries); I mention a few options in my list but there are many others. Please avoid burying your poo and instead use nearby toilets if possible. Bring your own water. Obviously be aware of the tide and camp well above the high tide line.

You can camp at the private campgrounds listed on the list (typically more expensive, some more welcoming to backpacking tent campers than others).

I also mention a few “primitive campsites”: established flat places to pitch a tent, usually in a remote area, no toilet or water (or $$).

Backpacker camp atop Tillamook Head