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  1. Hi Bonnie!

    Just wanted to thank you for your book and your blog!

    7 years ago my family and I did a short stroll from the Columbia to Arch Cape with varying degrees of enjoyment (the kids were teens back then) and your book was invaluable.

    Last week we hiked from Oceanside to Beverly Beach and your blog was extremely helpful. Interesting how much more planning it takes to hike the OCT than the PCT! The hardest part (especially in August) is figuring out where to stay. Sometimes reaching your goal is pretty difficult but when you've got a room for 5 reserved (at $200) you HAVE TO GET THERE.

    We got to Sand Lake but when low tide came around, it was still impassable so we started walking around. Yuck! Fortunately, a park ranger stopped to check on us and though he couldn't offer us a ride he called the Sand Lake Camp host and that wonderful man gave us a ride! Huge difference.

    I hope to finish the entire thing someday but I'm going to limit the road walking! I am happy to report that upgraded trail from Fishing Rock to Otter Crest Loop was a pleasant surprise. Well marked with OCT signs, sometimes it's just a little path off the highway, but other times it's a nice curvy trail through the woods...pretty great!

    Thanks again!