Friday, July 7, 2017

Congratulations, OCT Class of 2017

PCT refugees hiking the OCT this year: Front-page article about you in today's Daily Astorian.

It's great seeing all the thru-hikers on the beach. I'm frustrated when I hear about people having trouble at various spots, like walking or hitchhiking around Tillamook Bay (it's really easy to get a ride across to the spit with a boater, seriously!) or the scary highway at Cascade Head (you don't need to hike the highway here!) You don't need to BUY my book (Day Hiking: Oregon Coast, 2015 edition); you could borrow it, scribble notes, whatever, but please check it out along with the update PDF in the last post. The book isn't ideally formatted, but it really does have a lot of good info about hacking the OCT (as opposed to following the official online state park maps, which are pretty much useless).

What I liked about the article most: state parks seems to understand that they need to make some changes to make camping more available/legal/accessible. And it acknowledges that thru-hikers may be camping illegally but they know how to leave no trace and are good stewards of this amazing resource.

Notes from my sister-in-law Jeanne, the spectacular Gearhart trail angel:

"Just learned from a thru-hiker (via Instagram) that the surf shop at Devil's Punchbowl (just north of Newport) is right on the trail and that the owner just gave him a steal of a deal on a full-day rental surfboard (he routinely gives big discounts to OCT hikers) 

"Also a blond OCTer left her cell phone in the Rite-aid in Newport. The manager is holding it for her." 

If you don't know, there is now a Facebook group for Oregon Coast Trail Class of 2017 (I couldn't find it, but I suck at Facebook). You might find it helpful.


  1. Hi, Bonnie. Someone might have sent this to you already but here's the link to the OCT Class of 2017 group on Facebook...

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  3. Diamond Girl had commented that sometimes you can't get rides across Tillamook Bay, for instance if it's storming (or thick fog, or if the tide is running out strong). Absolutely; you may have to hitchhike or taxi around. Garibaldi Marina is pretty touchy about that; no promises, due to weather. It is an adventure.

  4. Thanks for your book "Day Hiking Oregon Coast"! I'm yet another PCT refugee on my way to the Coast trail.
    Looking forward to some new vistas and adventures!

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